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Healing 2 Grace, Inc (H2G) is a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that addresses the impact of intimate partner violence and sexual assault with a mission to provide peer support and personal enrichment development through a personalized and intimate approach.


To end the shame and stigma associated with asking for help, and to encourage and empower survivors to seek help regardless of their past or present circumstances.

Healing 2 Grace, Inc. focuses on the personal and professional developmental needs of women. We understand that every experience and need is different, which is why we take a more individualized approach. The proficiency of benefits provided in the programs offered by Healing 2 Grace, Inc., will enable women to overcome past pains, defeats, unforgivingness, and heartache while rebuilding their self-worth.

Healing 2 Grace, Inc. believes that every woman should be able to ask for help regardless of the way she looks or her economic status.


@2020 Healing 2 Grace, Inc.

Tax ID Number: 831071592

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