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Chandelier & Suicide

My Darkest Day Turned Glorious at the end of a cord.

"There's no way we can be who God intends for us to be without speaking our truths." ~ Sheila Malloy-Hall

Sheila Malloy-Hall has chosen to give voice to her truths unapologetically and without the expectation of acceptance or applause. While no two seasons in her life were alike, with a made-up mind, she refused to look back—as moving forward was her only option. Her journey has been one fraught with horrors unfamiliar to many but now speaks of healing and wholeness. "SHE" (short for Sheila) acknowledges she is now FREE!

30 Day of Affirmations and Inspiration

Life after abuse and domestic violence can be extremely difficult to overcome. This book gives you daily affirmations to help you speak positively to yourself.

Speaking positively will help to improve your self-esteem and confidence, while nurturing self-love to comfort you through the process of healing.

No matter where you are in your healing journey, this book will lift your spirits and give you the confidence to take back your power and control.

Use this book each day to begin your healing, from the inside out!

Soul Talk, Vol 2

Letting go and letting God is a familiar idiom that many of us struggle to put into action. We wrestle with surrendering our pains, even to God, and trusting that He will provide healing. That is why Soul Talk, Volume II, is an essential guide for those who long for a more intimate relationship with God.

In this riveting and compelling anthology, visionary

Cheryl Polote-Williamson has assembled 21 storytellers who expose their hearts, so that we can glean lessons of hope, fortitude and unyielding faith.

Abounding with refreshing honesty and reflections that will stir your spirit, this anthology will embolden you to break free from doubt and walk fully in God's promises.

After reading this book, you will revel in the freedom that can be gained through both your challenges and triumphs as you are empowered to let go of your wounds and allow God to heal your soul.

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