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Sheila Malloy-Hall

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of her life! 

Tenacious. Enthusiastic. Humorous. Motivated. Spiritual. Domestic Violence Survivor—Conqueror are few characteristics of this Inspirational Speaker, Survivor Strategist, Advocate, & Amazon Best Selling Author!

She is on a mission to help one woman at a time to take back her POWER—and to do so unapologetically!

 Sheila Speaks!

A woman who knows what it is like "to look as if she has it all together but is internally broken," Sheila's passion for assisting others through the healing process is what led her to become the Founder of Healing 2 Grace, Inc. She was once shameful and silent, but after completing her self-work, she is now armed with her successful healing strategies, a story of triumph, and a powerful healing journey. She openly shares her story with various audiences with the hope that it will ignite, inform, and provoke other women "to ask for help"—aiding their own healing, helping them reach their highest level of internal fulfillment.

Broken Before Healing 2 Grace

A Dramatization

Walking in her POWER and AUTHENTIC SELF, Sheila courageously shares her moments of past vulnerability and gives an inside look at what trauma can do when you don't ask for help.

I am here to help you do the work-Are you ready?

 Prayer Group

Strategy Coach

H2G Champion

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